Our Aims and Objectives 

The SS Explorer Preservation Society was formed in 1995, as a direct result of enthusiasts becoming aware of the SS Explorer being sold for scrap for a second time. Many seafarers and locals from the North East of Scotland in addition to several former crew members joined together and formed the Society which now owns and is currently restoring the SS Explorer to her former glory. The society has a constitution and is a registered Scottish Charity. Within this framework a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registered in Scotland No 156992) was formed responsible for the restoration project and management of the society through a board of approved directors. Sub-committees concerned with specific areas of refurbishment or upgrading are appointed and directed by the board as and when required.

It is the intention of the SS Explorer Preservation Society to restore the SS Explorer to a working condition. The ship will be available for public viewing, educational and training purposes and for use for corporate events. We aim to carry out such restoration plan in phases: Phase 1 is to have the vessel cosmetically restored with missing artifacts replaced and damaged/deteriorated areas repaired. The ship would be prepared and accredited for use as a working-floating museum, rather like a steam railway workshop. Phase 2 of the project, would be to carry out various restorations of various pieces of machinery whilst the ship operates as a museum. This would include the complete overhaul of the main engine, boiler and auxiliaries to such extent that every piece of machinery aboard is in place and working. Phase 3 would be to have the ship certified. This would also be a mammoth task, given the SS Explorer has been out of certification since 1984. Many of the rules and procedures have changed since 1984, the SS Explorer is a steamship, such certification nowadays is all focussed on modern engined ships and doesn't take into account vintage steam ships.


Are you looking for a new hobby or interest?

An excuse to get out of the house?

Do you like old or vintage things? Perhaps have an interest in shipping or engineering?

Seeking new challenges?

Would you like to become part of a team engaged in one of Scotland's most interesting and unique projects?

 We will train you in new skills and support you as a valuable crew member. We require help in every aspect of preserving the ship, everything such as:

  • Painting, Decorating, Cleaning, Renovating, Polishing and Ship's husbandry.
  • Woodwork, Joinery, Upholstery, Carpet Fitting and Room dressing.
  • Electrics, Engineering, Fabrication, Plumbing and Machine operating
  • Strategic Planning, Business Development, Procurement, Fund Raising and Networking
  • Tour Guiding, Web design, Photography and Publicity

Everyone is welcome. It's great fun, healthy and you will be part of a dedicated team who are saving a unique part of our maritime heritage. We provide all materials, protective clothing and good banter, tea and biscuits! Volunteer work days aboard the ship are Tuesdays and Saturdays  -  or just come down for a visit on any of these days to see what goes on. You will be made very welcome.


Why join us?   Good question. One of our crew offers their reasons:

"Explorer is a wonderful project and a great community. I have been involved for over a decade, during which time I have had so many wonderful experiences. Physically, the ship is impressive, where else in the world will you find anything like it? I work with people from all walks of life, of all ages and abilities. Some crew were original crew of Explorer when she was operating, they  often share with us, their recollections, stories and anecdotes  of life aboard. Working on Explorer often brings opportunities for other things. Over the last year, I have visited a host of other historic ships which include  PS Waverley, HMY Britannia, HMS Belfast and the Reaper. Several of the crew have been on social events which include fishing and diving trips. What I like most is that, on Explorer, everyone is equal and therefore we work as a team"

You are invited to join us.........

Use the form on our "contact us" page and we will get back in touch with you swiftly,

Downloadable Membership Form Here: 

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